Interview : Slit Your Throat (2020)

After talking about their debut ep Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude (out on Comatose Music), it’s now time to talk with their bass player Oskar.

How did the ep start coming together e how did you land to Comatose Music?

Oskar: First of all, thanx for this interview, all began when Rod (Arthropodal Humanicide, Scrumptious Putrescence, etc.), one of our guitarists, made an advertisement in Facebook looking for members to create a band in the vein of the old Cryptopsy. Inmediately I decided to join this new and interesting proyect (we are brothers, play together in Arthropodal Humanicide and both of us love Cryptopsy, specially the four first albums). Soon Jordy (vocalist of the brutal spawn Avgrunn) and Santi (guitarist and composer of his one man death metal band, Sad Eyes) decided to join us too. The icing on the cake was when Roman (Ineffable Demise, Esophageal Byonoise Generator, etc.) decided to be part of this incoming monstrosity. Then I thought ”Well, this is gonna be good, haha”. There were several labels interested in the Ep but when the name of Comatose appeared on the table, we knew immediately what to do, not only because of the conditions but also because of the reputation and experience of Steve and Comatose Music in the underground scene.

What are your lyrics about?

Oskar: We despise all religions equally because all are based in the ignorance of mankind, but we prefer to focus on the catholic religion because it´s what we have experienced in our country. Religion as one of the main causes of ignorance and inequality. Religion as the reflection of a rotten society fueled by fear and hate. Religion as the opium of the masses. We try to represent all this iniquity in our lyrics. Here in Spain, for centuries, many people was abused and murdered by the Holy Inquisition. That is what happens when the religious fanatics have too much power. Now it’s time to take off the blindfold and put an end to all the gods once and for all so that men and women can truly be free.

Speaking about Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepityde, you’ve just stopped at only three tracks. “Less is more” is sort of a mantra to me, and I hope for that to be a prerogative for many others. Was it your opinion too, while shaping the EP?

Oskar: Well, you´re right!! It´s better to release only a few songs if you know that they are good that trying to record a full album if you don´t fully trust the work that you have done. Some weeks ago, we were totally unknown in the underground scene. We didn´t know how the reaction of fans and labels was going to be. Luckily, it was amazing. We wanted to release something before facing the recording of a full album, and it happened to be the right decision.

How is musical scene doing in Spain? How much has Covid issues interfered with your plans and metal scene in general? Were you able to organise some gigs?

Oskar: Spain has always been a difficult country to play metal. Imagine if you play brutal death metal, hahaha!!! The Covid 19 has changed our lives dramatically, playing live is very complicated but many bands are taking advantage of this pandemic situation focusing on composing and creating more songs. Fortunately, this has not affected very much as a band, because Slit Your Gods is basically a studio project. So we decided to concentrate on the new songs for the full album. Except Rod and me, who live near, the rest of the members live in different regions of Spain and our drummer Roman, lives in Russia, so it´s almost impossible to play live with SYG. If the conditions were good and that day arrived, it would be a dream come true for all of us.

I think that today it is quite difficult to emerge among the brutal death metal scene. What are the ingredients to become a well known band, beside passion?

Oskar: Honestly, I don´t know the secret recipe, hehe. It´s true that there is a lot of very good bands outside that play astonishing well their instruments and put very much effort and passion on what they do and this is very positive because it feedbacks the scene and all the bands try to play and sound better each time. I believe that if a band plays well, records well, composes with personality and has the support of a great label behind, a good promotion and a pinch of luck, this band may succeed in the near future. Speaking about us, I hope that, with Comatose Music on our side, things are gonna be good for SYG in terms of promotion an recognition in the scene.

I’m pretty sure you plunged into something else after the Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepityde release. At what point are you with a possible new full-length?

Oskar: Yes, it´s true!! Slit Your Gods are working now on a full album. We have composed, let´s say, four or five new songs, but they are not finished yet. We don´t have a name for the new album and I can´t tell you a date of release but we hope that things will go well and we don’t take too long to present the successor of “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude”.

What bands did influence your music and where does your name come from?

Oskar: Our main influences are Cryptopsy (specially their four first albums), Gorgasm, Suffocation and maybe a little Vital Remains, for the old school and unholy vibes here and there, hehe… All this with our personal touch, of course. The influence of the canadians is so crucial for us that when we were looking for a name I decided to look for inspitation in Cryptopsy songs names. We wanted our name to sound blasphemous and irreligious, too. I thought of “Slit Your Guts” from their masterpiece “None So Vile” and inmediately “Slit Your Gods” came to my mind. It was almost a revelation. The rest of the band loved it right away and that’s how Slit Your Gods was baptized.

How much do you think that live shows support in the music scene is going to survive in the coming years and how do you think that the internet and the massive and rapid circulation of things through it is today a good thing for a newborn band as you?

Oskar: It´s a good question, I whished to know the answer. Probably, until we have the covid vaccine, musical activity will not remotely resemble what it was before. On the other hand, the internet and new technologies are providing the bands with promotional possibilities that we would not believe possible a few years ago and I think new bands like us can benefit from it. There are more posiblities and it seems reasonable to explore if not all, most of them.

Feel free to end this interview off as you wish, I greet you and wish you guys the best of luck!

Oskar: thank you very much for your words, for this interview and for letting us be known to your readers, it has been a true pleasure!!! Our Ep “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude” is out now by Comatose Music and we hope that death metal fans around the world will appreciate it. We are working hard to create a very sick album, this is only the beginning. Btw, stay safe, enjoy brutal death metal and life!!!