Interview : Ancst (2018)

2018 is off to a great start for Ancst. Our guys have just given birth to both a split album with Depravation, and the awaited second full-length, the awaited Ghost of the Timeless Void under Lifeforce Records. Let’s see what they have to tell about it.

Hi guys, let’s start form the main course of the discussion: Ghost of the Timeless Void is in the pipeline, how do you feel about it? What kind of feedback do you expect from your trusted fans?

Tom: Im pretty nervous to be honest but that is how I feel before every release. Im glad its all finished and ready to go and Im pretty excited about the first feedback we got so far. I’m really not expecting anything at this point but I am sure people that have followed us through the last years and that liked the last releases will like it. Here and there it is a step into new  directions but the overall sound has stayed the same I think.

Tell me in your own words a bit more about Ghost of the Timeless Void, how was the songwriting process and the “obscure” work that hides behind each and everyone of your albums.

Tom: It isnt really that obscure. It was recorded in my bedroom at home over a period of 2 years and vocals were added last autumn in the rehearsal room of one of my bands. Its mostly like this: I sit down whenever I feel like recording new stuff and at the end of the night I am satisfied with what I came up with and keep it for further development or just throw it away. It has been like that for a few years and Im pretty satisfied with the way it works. When Im done with the rough album, I work out the mix and the master for a month or so and then its pretty much done. No rocketscience! Haha.

How did you get to Lifeforce Records? This new brotherhood will surely mean more visibility, are you ready for this?

Tom: Our buddies in King Apathy had told us about the work with Stefan at Lifeforce and as we all grew up with a lot of his early releases we approached him and he was all up for working with us. It certainly does mean more exposure, which we are really happy about. Its a pleasure to work with people that know what they are doing and that wanna push the boundaries.

Do we have to expect a peculiar change on the GotTV lyrics or are Ancst just pursuing their own path?

Tom: Well, as this is the first release without our original singer Torsten who was responsible for parts of the lyrics it certanly is a different thing altough the content stayed pretty much the same or moves within the same area as before. That urban theme is again pretty strong on Ghosts I think. All the more personal lyrics are somewhat inspired by living in the city and also the political charged lyrics need to be seen through a viewpoint that is connected to life in urban areas. That setting has been growing stronger with the last releases altough it can be applied to all of our lyrics in some way or the other.

I think that Moloch is a huge album, and I wouldn’t be able to say which is the best between this and GotTV. They really seem to me as two sides of the same coin. I’m very curious to hear what are your feelings about this. What are the most relevant differences between the two releases, according to you?

Tom: Moloch is more direct and compact in my opinion. Ghosts could be much harder to get into at first but I think it pays off in the long run as there is much more diversity to discover. Also in my opinion Ghosts is more mellow and melodic, Moloch sometimes is just like a burst of sonic violence at certain times. Expect something that is more mature and more diverse than our older stuff.

You got together as a band in 2011 and ever since you’ve never stopped creating new music. What is that keeps you so productive and inspired?

Tom: Everything that is going wrong in my life or in the world somehow inspires me to keep writing new music. Its a fanatic thing sometimes really. When we started it has been a catalyst for us and for me it still is. Its like therapy and at the end of the day this results in a new song.

If you had to dedicate GotTV to someone, who would he be?

Tom: I guess our old singer Torsten as he would clearly understand this album the most.

Which are the bands that inspired your distinctively sound?

Tom: Heaven Shall Burn, Iskra, Ekkaia, Madame Germen, Ictus, Napalm Death, At the Gates, old In Flames, Immortal, Katatonia, Undying & many more.

The Ghost of the Timeless Void tour will begin next March. What kind of show should expect those who still don’t know you?

Tom: Its going to be loud and punishing. Expect a lot of sweat and spit flying your way.

I find it very difficult to choose my favorite songs from GotTV, since it all sounds very consistent to me. But if I were under torture, I would say Dying Embers, Shackles of Decency and Unmasking the Imposters. Will you feel like telling us yours?

Tom: I think “Dysthymia” is my favourite song of the album. At first I was really sceptical about the track but as it grew I started liking it more and more. Also “Unmasking the imposters” is a great one as it brings back some old mosh feeling. Overall Im pretty satisfied with all the songs.

My last usual question is for greetings and one last message from you. I cannot help but thank you so much and wait until March to have your already pre-ordered vinyl in my hands.

Tom: First of all I wanna thank you for taking the time to ask questions and for your support. It really means a lot to me. Thank you very much. And second I really would like to thank everybody else that has taken the time to listen to our stuff and that supported us through out the years. Thank you.